FS: EVO Monitor, RAT7, Chimp, VLX+Hori Bag, GBA Micro

More stuff for sale. Feel free to PM me with questions. I will also listen to offers.

All prices include shipping cost within the US.

The RAT 7 mouse has been sold and will be shipped out this week.


wow great price. I’d snatch it up if I already didn’t have like 5 of these lol. Good Luck wit the sale though. The VLX bags are kinda hard to find now since Hori isn’t re-stocking them fast enough. Somebody needs to jump on this quick!

You’re selling yours.
But your brother wants to buy mine?

That is funny.

are you eslling the stick bag seperatly?

if so i’ll pick it up.

Andreas, I wanted to buy you the bag when you asked for someone to buy from Hori Store.

This is a great deal. Someone should pick this up asap!

You wouldn’t be interested in a trade, huh?


PM sent

How much is the bag from the hori store when it was in stock?

Close to 50 shipped

thanks they look kinda cool can any one say they work well? thats my fav stick

I need one still, That was for a friend from winnipeg :frowning:

Hori store has the bag in stock though if you need the stick too this is a better deal by far

My fav too. I’ve got 2 of them and the bag looks awsome. Someone jump on this deal!
Hey LOLMARK. Can you show pics of the dual mod. How clean is it? It auto detects right?

i know the bag looks great but does it work great

I updated the original post with the picture of the mod. I just tested the VLX on my PS3 and it still works.

Regarding the bag, it is pretty excellent. The outside pockets have room to hold 3 games. Inside there is a mesh pocket w/ zipper to hold other trinkets and there is a layer of padding on the bottom that can be removed. The 2 buckles will also keep the stick in place.

The longer this thing goes unsold, the more tempted I’ll be to keep it… Which sucks because I need money. u_u

One more thing I forgot to mention. The controls have been swapped to be more like the Mad Catz FightStick (e.g Controller setting in SSF4).

If a vlx has a battop will it fit fine?

I never had issues. It’s pretty roomy inside. As long as you don’t lay the stick facing down, you shouldn’t have probs.

I have pictures of the soldering to the PCB somewhere.

nooo just got my vlx like yesterday… sigh goodluck with sale!

Will you sell the bag to me please.