FS: Extra Seimitsu Parts / Toys

This recent order came with some extra parts and toys. All of the items are listed below. Prices do not include shipping. All parts are new from the factory.


LB 39 Bubble Balltops $2.50 Each

Colors - Orange, Blue, Green (2), Clear


PS-14-P Buttons (Pearl Finish) $3.00 Each

Colors - (2) Blue, (2) White, (2) Green, (1) Pink


AM-30 30mm Button Plugs - $1.75 Each

Color - Black

Dust Covers for Seimitsu Joysticks - $1.75 Each

Color - Black


Tekken 5 Figure - $3.50

Street Fighter 3 Cell Phone Screen Cleaners - $4.50 Each

I’ll take offers on all the stuff, preference goes to selling multiple items.

Trades are considered, got any Seimitsu or Sanwa parts? I’ll swap with you. Can add cash as necessary to deals.

woot, pm sent

I’ll take the PS-14-K blue button and five Seimitsu dust covers (assuming they’re the ones that fit the LS-32, I think thickness of the various models’ shafts are different). Send me a PM with price including shipping to Sweden!

if the clear and pink bubble balltops are not taken, i would like to purchase them. they fit on a sanwa shaft right??

Updated pics with sold items.

i want the button plugs and the blue and white see through ball top. sent you a pm a while ago. let me know where to pay. Ill send it again.

Replied to your PM.

still got any of those bubble balltops left goleaf and button plugs?

The button plugs are sold out but I might have a couple bubble tops left. I’ll pm when I get home.

pics of SF cell phone cleaner?

interested in a green bubble top if you have any left

is paypal cool?

My camera sucks. Here’s a pic.

Has the third strike cast on it.


All buttons pending

green ball top??

the screen cleaner hangs on your phone? how thick is it?

supermin, no green tops. I might have one spare come in on my next order, I’ll let you know.

Mixah, it can hang on the phone or a keychain, it’s attached by a flexible piece of plastic. The cleaner itself is a soft surface for cleaning on one side and the graphic on the other side. I’d say it’s bit bigger than a quarter in size.

hmm. i’ll let you know… my check came in, and since i took a week off of one job, and two off of another, my pay was underwhelming when I checked my bank account… I have $180 for the next two weeks… :frowning:

No problem. Haven’t got much interest on it. I fixed that Zen, btw.

yeah? cool :slight_smile:

I attempted it, and I couldn’t get the solder on good… I’m sure you seen that when you fixed it.

Yes. It wasn’t bad though. I just cleaned off what was left and resoldered the whole thing. It was a pretty easy fix. opening that thing was a pain though.

yeah, it’s easy. I just fail at soldering.

making joysticks = super easy by comparison to tiny little components.
and yes… opening it is a BITCH