FS: Femme Fatale 360 NIB!, USB Saturn Pad, SE w/ Sanwa Buttons! + Modding Services


Hey everyone, I’ve had quite a bit of practice dual modding TE sticks and the like. I’m opening up shop here in Cleveland for anyone who wants their stick modded.

Right now I’ll be doing TE and SE sticks. I can do either the PS3/360 mod or the MC Cthulhu RJ-45 mod.

360 TE or SE Dual Mod: $40 + Parts(Generally around $40)

  • You’ll need to supply a 360 TE, TE-S, or SE for this one. If you want the joystick or buttons replaced we can take care of that at the same time also.

Parts Upgrade: $10 + Parts

  • Don’t have a credit card? Don’t feel confident changing your joystick or buttons? It’s actually pretty easy to do these mods and I encourage you to do them yourself, but if you really can’t be bothered with it, I’ll do it for you.

Turnaround time if I have to order the parts should be roughly 1 week. It will be much shorter if I have components on hand.

I look forward to doing business with all of you in the Cleveland area.

You can send me a PM to meet up. I’ll only be working with people in person so there’s no confusion or apprehension about the service. I’ve seen some people ship their sticks off to dual mod and never get them back. I want no fear of that happening. Profit from the sale of either Saturn pad will go do Catholic Relief Services. It’s a most efficient charity that manages to put 95% of every dollar received directly to the people they’re trying to help. That means only about 5% go to administrative costs.

For Sale:

Nvidia MSI GTX 260 OC Video Card: $115 + Shipping

ATI X1900XT Video Card w/ After-market Heatsink: $20 + Shipping

Little Big Planet: Game of the Year - $25 + Shipping (usually really cheap, media mail or priority flat rate)
It’s practically brand new. I bought it when a few friends came to visit. We played it once and then I haven’t even opened the case since.

Femme Fatale TE Stick for XBOX360: $185 + Shipping
Brand new! The seal holding the box closed has never been broken. Sold out all over the place.

USB SLS Saturn Pad: $15 + Shipping US

Madcatz PS3 SE with Sanwa Buttons and Balltop: $45 + Shipping US

Saturn Pad: Sillender
Dual Modded Custom MvC2 : Freakin_Lu
Namco Arcade Stick: networkingyuppy
Tekken 4 Stick (buttonless):** EVAWINGZERO**
Dual Modded TE Round 1: Random guy from Akron, OH


Added items and pictures (6/28/2010).


Added Custom MvC2 TE (6/29/2010).


Interested in the SE, will you ship to Canada and how much would shipping be?


I couldn’t tell you without the postal code, but generally I don’t bother because of customs and all that nonsense. If you’re willing to pay for it I could do it though.


Prices updated, PM’s responded to.

Hausuke, most postage looks like it’ll be around 30-40 bucks. That would put the total around $75-85 USD. I’m not sure what customs fees would look like either. I really have no idea.


Prices updated for evo weekend. Come find me locally to save on shipping.


Prices update. Need to sell this stuff.


please excuse my stupidity, what can i use that USB Saturn pad on? PS3? 360? would it be compatible with SSFIV?


nice work bro.


The USB saturn pad works on PS3 and PC. It’s actually a great controller for SSFIV. The D-pad is downright awesome.


how much for it with shipping? and do you have the box for it?


how much for shipping on the SE to 23662?


$12 for Parcel Post
$15 for Priority

Both include tracking.

plik: sorry, I don’t have the box for it still. When they sent me the pad, they had folded it up flat to save on shipping size so I just tossed it.




All PM’s responded to. SE temporarily on hold.


shipping to Chile?

i need a TE Dual Mod


Sorry double post



Do you still happen to have the Saturn USB pad for sale? And are you only selling one?



Yes, I only have one.

Also, the SE is no longer on hold.