FS: FighterSelect Apparel tees (NOW SHIPPING WORLDWIDE)


Now, face the mighty Bison! Shadaloo Propaganda Tees are now in stock! Printed with premium discharge inks, they are extremely soft with no feel of ink on them. This is a very limited print so they won’t be here forever! I also have many in 2X and now 3X!

Hello SRK!
Now in stock are the Scrub Talk and Shadaloo Propaganda Tees!

My store website is fighterselect.com

I also attend many IE Battlegrounds events if you’re looking to pick one up from me =D

They will come in 3 colors: Asphalt, Red and Navy

They are printed on premium American Apparel shirts. 100% ringspun cotton and super soft as well as comfortable. Check the catalog for available sizes.

For sizing, please refer to this chart:

Any questions, feel free to ask me here or by pm.

You can check me out also on facebook at www.facebook.com/FighterSelect as well as on twitter at www.twitter.com/FighterSelect! =)

DeathZeroZX's Fightstick Templates
DeathZeroZX's Shirt Designs(NEW FS Brawler Girl Design)
DeathZeroZX's Shirt Designs(NEW FS Brawler Girl Design)

D’oh! I had my online store on maintenance mode… It’s open for sure now lol


haha, these are cool. no womens sizes im guessing?


American apparel shirts are actually unisex and fitted style. My asphalt shirt comes in small also. I’ll have to look up how much bigger it is than regular women’s tees

EDIT: Here’s a link to AA size charts. Hope this helps.


Unfortunately, the design is a tad too big for XS


I ordered. When can I expect it to ship?


for the orders I received I sent an email to already.

This week is size preorders to make sure I have a size available. The shirts will be in production by the end of this week. The screen printing company gave me an estimate of the 28th or 29th that I’ll get them in. Once I receive them I’m shipping them out IMMEDIATELY. So probably the first week of March is when you’ll receive them. I’ll also post on here and send confirmation emails when I ship them. Hopefully I can get them in sooner.

Once again thank you for your order =)


I want that shaowlaw shirt. I dont even like bison, but that’s a really nice shirt without the YY


well balrog, vega, and sagat are part of shadaloo as well lol. If that shirt ends up getting the most votes I’ll make it happen


Now until February 28th get 10% off on all preorders!

Note: if you have already preordered prepare to see the refunded amount in your PayPal account


Pre ordered! Cant wait to get it! First my art template now a t shirt! Death zero does it all! Cant wait for more releases!


I’m liking what I see, bud. Keep it up!


Today is the last day for the 10% off preorder sale. It will end tonight at 12AM PST


I just got a PM from deathzerozx updating me on the status of the shirts. I gotta say, I’m really impressed with the communication.


Shipping these out first thing tomorrow!


Here’s a new pic that shows the colors more accurately as opposed to my mock ups before. The navy blue is darker though.

I will also be at IEBG’s UMVC3 and SFxT tourney tomorrow (Saturday) if anyone would like to purchase a shirt from me in person. Here’s the link to the venue.


IEBG does a great job running tourneys and putting up a quality stream. Check them out if you’re in the area!


Did you ship them out?


Got it today looks great! Thanks again, looking forward to more designs


Yup. I’ll PM you the confirmation number. Was actually about to email them right now =)

EDIT: WOW they shipped way faster than even I expected lol. I guess I’ll add that it takes 2-3 business days to ship =D


It’s in. Awesome stuff! I really hope you get more shirts made soon!


Right now my poll is very close with bison and Honda tied. Chun shirt is just one vote under. I wanna know what you guys want so let me know. Even if you don’t plan to buy, just vote for what you think would make an awesome shirt.

Let me know some ideas in my shirt design thread too =)