FS: Figures, books, games, DVDs (some on eBay)

I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. If you want to see more pictures of a particular item I’ll try my best to accommodate your request.
Shipping & payment info at the bottom.

I will have a few more items for sale, but at the moment here’s what I have available.

Scheris Adjani from s-CRY-ed


home pic
Condition: MINT in box

Seras Victoria from Hellsing


home pic
Condition: MINT in box

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Vol 2


Together: $35. Seperate: $12.00
Condition: MINT in box. Box has wear on the sides

Yoshi plushie with trademark sound (when you squeeze his hand!)


Condition: Used. Works great. Needs hugs.



Condition: Brand New! 1/1 scale (46.0 x 22.0) - life-like size!

Ibuki Capcom Collection Figure


home pic
Condition: MINT in box.

Tron Bonne (pink version) w/Servbot!


Condition: MINT in box.

Tron Bonne (yellow version) w/favorite #1 Servbot!


Condition: MINT in box.

Robot Vol. 5 (Japanese) - $10.00
Robot Vol. 7 (Japanese) - $10.00

Armored Core: Last Raven (PS2) - $15.00
Condition: Excellent. Complete with original manual and case.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (DS) - $17.00
Condition: like new, complete with original case and manual

Crimson Tears (PS2) - $8.00
Condition: This game was originally used at a rental store, but is comes with the disc and original case in very good condition. The manual is reproduced like the original manual, but reprinted and in black & white.

Fear Effect (PS1) - $10.00
Condition: All 4 discs are in good condition. Original case has a few light scratches and smudges, but the manual is in excellent condition.

Guilty Gear X2 (PS2) - $10.00
Condition: complete. Game is in good condition

King of Fighters: Maximum Impact (PS2) - $10.00
Condition: complete and in great condition (2 discs)

Mission: Impossible (N64) - $1.00
Condition: game only. Very good.

Rumble Roses (PS2) - $5.00
Condition: disc is really good, if not near mint, the original case and manual have a little shelf wear since it was previously owned by a different owner.

Soul Blade (PS1) - $5.00
Condition: Disc is in great condition, the hinges on the case are bend that it doesn’t hold together properly without tape. The manual is in very good condition.

Star Gladiator (PS1) - $5.00
Condition: Complete in good condition. The case is a little rough to open, but it won’t break off.

Tekken 5 (PS2) - $9.00
Conditon: Light scratches, works perfectly fine. Complete with case an manual.

Elfen Lied Vol 1 - $5.00
Condition: Used. Very good condition.

Kino’s Journey Vol 1. Starter set - $8.00
Condition: Excellent

On eBay:
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PlayStation)
.hack//OUTBREAK (Part 3) (PlayStation 2)

More items coming soon . . .

If requested, I will try to take pictures of the items on sale not already listed.

Shipping (excluding eBay items): $3.00 (includes Track & Confirm) for U.S. Residents
I ship worldwide, so international buyers please contact me for shipping estimates.
Item will be shipped as soon as payment is received.

Payment: PayPal, Check, or Money Order.
Buyers, I will keep in contact with you on purchasing process. I’m pretty flexible on payment, just be sure to keep me up to date on your status. I’m coup de la like that.

DO NOT purchase if you are not confident you can pay for this item.

Thanks for looking and, again, I’ll answer any questions you may have!

Added DVDs and games, also lowered shipping costs.
When I have time I might take pictures of the games and add more items. I might do that for the less than good conditioned games.

Very cool selection dude, man why must I be broke, between you and kenji, I could go nuts :slight_smile: ps. Nice Yoshi.

what is yoshis trademark sound?

Yoshh-iiiiii Whoa - Gulps ?

Damn, I’m not even sure how you type it out, but here it goes…
It’s the sound he makes when he wins the race in Mario Kart 64 (check out the 5:50 mark [media=youtube]4Ej_EUIQzGM[/media]).
I should also mention that Yoshi stands (he sits, actually) at around 14" tall.

Note: I will be regularly making updates to this thread with new stuff, but I won’t bump it unless I’m lowering the price, which then it will be moved to eBay. Just letting you know, and if you see something of interest check back later for something new.

Also, if you’re not sure about an item, or thinking of getting one but not sure you can pay now, just get in touch.

at 5:50, he is just cruisin on the beach with the shell to shoot.

is it at 5:10?

EDIT: I’m not just asking to be a jerk, I have a lot of gaming plushies but haven’t seen a yoshi which makes sound

Ah, yes - that noise.

I’ve added Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to eBay and will move some more items to eBay, so last chance as far as the games go. I start my auctions pretty low (as low as $0.99), but it’s out there in the open exposed to more people so consider that between now and the weekend I start the sales on eBay.
I will be adding new stuff just for this forum soon, so keep an eye out.