FS: Final Fantasy VIII w/ Memory Card


Final Fantasy VIII - Perfect Condition, All manuals included. Original Black label.

12 Shipped

PayPal only


$.02, shipped


2 cents shipped? wow, ur very smart…


Bump I put a price.


you obviously didn’t get the joke.


I got the joke, I was being scarcastikkkkk.


25 Shipped any1?


selling is all about time. there’s no need to bump a thread several times in one day.


Yeah I know, but Im tryin to get a 360. And there is deal that ends on Wednsday, thats why im so anxious for sum1 buy my FF8.

  • Justin


Is it greatest hits or not?


No its original Black label.



bump - changed price


I’ll take it at that price. Send PM please


Damn I can’t believe I missed this :sad:. Haven’t played this game yet, next on the RPG list to do. If Legendary Gokou mysteriously doesn’t want it anymore please shoot me a PM.


kin3tix, If Goku does not buy it, You will get it. He probably will get it though. : (

  • Justin


I sent you a PM.


Kin3tix I sent you a pm.


Hey legendary goku, i sent u anotha pm.


---------------sold 2 Kinetix----------------