FS : Finkle Metal Rounded Stick, dual modded (Xbox 360+PS3), switchless

I just got this beautiful stick from hakdizzle, apparently it was Afrolegends’.
It’s a dual modded with Imp so you hold down the guide/home button to switch between Ps3 and 360.
It’s full sanwa OBSF30 on the buttons and JLF joystick and bat top.
I’d keep it but I got a slot on an ecksnine so this is going to help funding towards that.
Tested when I got it, ran HDR on both my 360 and PS3 just fine.
I just want what I paid for it, 250 shipped in the USA, paypal.

Awesome stick! Good luck!

Thanks man, hope it goes to a good home

Please check you PMs

PM replied