FS: Finkle Stick Sanwa+RG buttons!



I’ve only used this stick about two times and each session was like 5-10 mins. This stick is practically New. My asking price is 208 shipped. EDIT I just added my Nintendo DS with micro SD set. The DS has a chip on the lower left corner. My asking price is 120 shipped via paypal. ALL prices are negotiable and please contact me thru AIM if you are interested.



does the DS work fine with the micro SD set and everything? Anything outdated or wrong with your SD set and can it run homebrew apps?

edit: Yeah, if everything’s okay with the SD card set and if the DS is in good functionality and the chip isn’t too ostensible, I think I’ll take the DS lite. Could you get a better picture of the DS lite and the chip? Also, if you’re including the SD card, how big is it?

Also, do you prefer check or paypal?


It’s 1 GB and I can get a bigger picture. I’ll put it up later. Also I would prefer check but Money Order would be best.


sorry guys, DS is now MIEN!


The DS lite is $120 brand new… why would you buy it used?


cause this ds can run homebrew stuff. :wink:


yep DS is gone now to chippermonkey. Anyone interested in the Stick ???


just to drop in a good word for anyone interested in that stick. 208 is a great deal for a near-new finkle stick pimped out w/ RGs. ALmost thinking of taking it myself…


Remember prices are negotiable :tup: and USPS MO is the preferred payment. Someone help take this wonderful stick off me :lovin:


What are RGs anyway?


Those are those extra durable Sanwa buttons. They cost more then the reg ones and that’s all I pretyt much know about them.


they last about 5 times as long, use to cost like 2-3 times as much, and they are out of production right now. If you’re a heavy player, I guess they’re worth the investment.


This is a pretty old thread but are you still selling that finkle stick? I’m a noob at sticks so I’ve got a few questions that might be stupid. PS2 PCB? Is the artwork changeable? I’m interested in buying this, please respond asap.