FS: Finkle Stick with RGs and Modded Virtua Stick

Hey guys,

As promised, I’m selling some of my stick collection as I spring clean. Up now are 2 sticks. Prices include shipping withing the US. I prefer PayPal.

First is a finkle-built stick with Paik4Life wiring job.

I commissioned finkle to build me this case just over a year ago before I personally got into building joysticks. It just so happened that after a few mishaps in the building process I didn’t get the case until AFTER I had already built several custom sticks of my own. I ended up doing the wiring for it, but never used it aside from testing because I played on my own custom built sticks. Parts are brand new. I kept it because I really admire Noel’s work, but now I realize that it’s just taking up space.


  • finkle case with carrying handle
  • JLF-TP-8YT joystick
  • JLF-CD shaft cover
  • 6 x OBSN-30RG buttons (long lasting microswitch that lasts 5 times longer than normal Sanwa buttons)
  • 2 x OBSF-30 buttons
  • Quick disconnects
  • PS1 DualShock PCB
  • Grounding bar kit
  • Barrier strip



There are a few small places where paint has come off, on the orange. But that’s just from me not being extra careful with my sticks when I put them in storage. They are small marks. If it bothers you then don’t buy the stick or just repaint the tiny areas yourself.

Price: $150 shipped within the US

The second stick is one that I modded a long time ago. But the parts are new since I modded it with intent to sell and never use it to play. It is a Virtua Stick mod.


  • LS-56-01 with wire harness (moved higher for correct positioning)
  • Sanwa LB-35-MP
  • 6 x PS-14-P (Red)
  • 2 x PS-14-D (Black)
  • PS Digital PCB
  • .110 quick disconnects
  • added start/select
  • removed turbo switches and filled in the holes
  • lexan top (allows custom artwork)
  • painted (Metallic Black)
  • poly coated






Price: SOLD

If you would like this modded with another stick like a JLF, I can do this but it will cost extra in terms of parts and labor.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Buy from this man… great to do business with!

Beautiful sticks bro!

Good stuff and great prices!

is that virtua stick, for playstation 2? and how much to ship to mexico? I need paypal right cause i already made an account.:wonder:

Thanks, MarkMan and goleaf!

hanzo: yes it is a PS stick. As stated I used a PS digital PCB to replace the original Saturn PCB.

PayPal is preferred, but if you want to mail a money order then I will accept it, but I will not ship the stick until the money order is cleared. I will check on the shipping cost for you. I will send you a PM later tonight.


ok cool thanks for the fast reply, ill wait for the info, thanks.

EDIT: i found something in my area, thanks for your time though. greetings.

Very sexy sticks :smiley:

No problem, hanz0. The stick was sold to someone else after you changed your mind : )


virtua stick received lighting fast :X Even more beautiful that it looked in the pics!