FS: Fire-bug's Namco Stick modded for anything SG/Neo-Geo (Final price drop)


I was originally planning to get a supergun but I decided that getting a candy cab would be better for me.

What you’re looking at is a Namco stick that’s modded to work on any supergun that’s made by Fire-bug (from Shmups forum). The stick will also work on an consonlize MVS or a supergun that uses Neo-Geo ports. It will work on an AES but it requires an extension cable since the cable on the joystick won’t fit in the AES all the way.

I paid about $90 for the stick before shipping from the UK so I guess $60 shipped with Priority Mail/DC in the US.

I need to get rid of this fast so first come first serve.


Oh yeah if you need to know here are the pinouts:

1- Ground
2- Hard Kick (capcom)
3- Select (neo), Medium Kick (capcom), E (atomiswave)
4- D (neo/ atomiswave), Light kick (capcom)
5- B (neo/ atomiswave), Medium punch (capcom)
6- Down
7- Right
8- +5 volts (needed for certain adaptors and neo pads/ sticks)
9- Not used, but can be connected as Neo D (like pin 4)
10- Select (neo), Medium Kick (capcom), E (atomiswave)
11- Start
12- C (neo/ atomiswave) Hard punch (capcom)
13- A (neo/ atomiswave) Light punch (capcom)
14- Left
15- Up

Price drop.

Man this is really tempting me. If it is still available come Monday I may have to buy this from you.

I can hope so man. I just need to get rid of it! :slight_smile:

Final price drop.

OK, $65 shipped!

Final price drop before ebay, $60 shipped!

Pm sent

PM replied. LMK if you want to buy the stick (also gave you my Paypal addy).

Now up for grabs once again!