FS: First Of The North Star JAP PS2

As title says i have in excellent condition

Hokuto No Ken / Fist of the North Star (allmost brand new just no seal)

Comes complete with manuel, leaflets, Bonus DVD and game all in crisp condition

Played this couple times and realised this game i just cant get use too. So better to sell then collect dust


Here’s a few pictures to show the condition.

I might be interested. Could you please elaborate on what specifically you don’t like about the game. I’ve been debating on picking it up but maybe your experience could finally tip me one way or the other.

Me too, but alas he sold it already.

I just dont have the time anymore these days to pick it up, its fun & exciting game to learn but to be good it needs dedication i aint got time for to commit these days

Will you sell Second and Third of the North Star as well?