FS: "FOTNS custom stick"

As im back to university now i have’nt got time no more like i did over the summer for producing sticks (major slow done). This my third year so i have to put my full concentration into it.

Here I have a custom stick for sale (member does not have enough funds to afford it), this left me in a difficult situation. I have’nt got no real time to make changes due to my busy schedule so what buy what you get. hope that didnt sound rude lol

“FOTNS stick”

*Full Sanwa
*JLF stick with white ball-top + CD & Shaft Cover
*6x 30mm White & Red Sanwa Buttons (consists of swapping red & white sanwa buttons)
*2x 24mm White Sanwa Buttons
*PS1 DS pcb
*Metalic Glitter Blue paint job
*Custom felt base





This stick is $170 also “Open to Offers”

Will ship international

price lowered

awesome stick but aside i’m broke shipping will kill me :sad:


damn wish i had some loot good sticks as always

no takers:sad:…i’ll let someone have free 48-hour gold live subscription aswell! :wgrin:

DHO2O I’ve always wanted one of your sticks. Would you be intrested in a trade of joysticks? I’ll PM you.

thanks for the offer mikei