FS: FS3 Fightstick w/ MC cthulu pcb, Sanwa, and JLF

For sale is a custom FS3 fightstick with sanwa buttons, JLF stick, and a multi console cthulu pcb. Works with the ps3 and pc right now, but with the cthulu pcb it can be made to work with other consoles as well, check out the cthulu thread in the tech talk section for more on this awesome pcb. Stick has a octo gate in it right now. Asking $75 shipped. If you want I will throw in the red and white sanwa buttons that were previously used on this stick as well for free.

This pic was when i had different colored buttons on it.

You shoulda gave me a call. Friend of mine is looking for a new stick.

I still have it.

Really interested, but is it a MC Cthulu or the PS3/PC one ???

Do u still have it man ??

Sent you a PM, crossing my fingers!!

Actually yes I still have it.