FS/FT: 50" Megalo Dedicated Virtua Fighter 3

Virtua fighter 3 dedicated cabinet in the 50" Megalo platform. This one has a Mitsubishi rptv in it working.

Game works great, but could use some cleaning up. Missing Marquee side door cover and tv covers.


I also uploaded a video showing the cabinet working on youtube…

I am in the Sacramento, CA area. (elk grove)

Taking series offers. Must be able to transport yourself; I do not provide shipping unfortunately.

May Be Willing to trade for:
-Naomi system with MVC2 or CVS2(gdrom system)
-Candy cabs
-MVS setup with puzzle/bubble games/twinkle star
-Working ms. pacman (or mutli xxxxxxxxx-in-1 working with ms. pacman in it)
-If you have anything to trade let me know.
-Astro/Blast/Naomi control panel

Email me with serious offers.

Ah your selling it! But its so cool! To bad its to far away for me to buy :frowning: