FS / FT: A Bathing Ape white tiger knit hoodie (sz small)

I’m selling/trading my white tiger knit hoodie. Wore it 4 or 5 times over a button down shirt, dry cleaned once, in perfect condition.

I have 100% ebay, goozex, cag ratings + a verified paypal account. I am 100% legit! I do NOT buy fake clothes, ever. If you are in NYC, we can meet up at the Bathing Ape store and we can have the staff legit check it for you.

I will post tagged pics when I return home from business on Wednesday, till then I have a photobucket album with several pictures of the hoodie:

Buy it now is $250, high offer is $200. Buyer pays shipping, I eat paypal fees.

Will trade for:
sneakers/loafers/boots in size 9-10
top / jackets in size small
a high quality xbox 360 arcade stick
Absolute Edition Vertigo comic books / video games / systems/ accessories… make offers!

Bump! Someone’s gotta want this :slight_smile:

post it up on bapetalk?

I did, but I figure someone here might have an extra arcade stick they’d be willing to part with for this awesome hoody.

Considering the hood retails for nearly 300 and resells at a premium, trading one for an HRAP SE / SFIVTE / comparable custom is a steal for whomever gets this hoody!

what kind of sneakers are you lookimg for? i have pair of cole hanns if youre interested

I think im too fat for it, will it fit a 250 pounder? May buy it just to have something namebrand that dont fit…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Nikes, Bathing Apes, Reeboks, Adidas, etc… no diesel / cole hann / etc

I’d look at boots by Cole Hann though!

how about a pair of unworn black and red 13’s. never even tried them on . still have the protectors on the hologram

Ahh, I like those but I’m much more interested in 3s, 5s and 7s in colorways other than red.