FS / FT: A LOT of stuff

Willing to trade for misc things (cds, homemade jewelry, vhs tapes, cassettes, markers, magnets, pins, dreamcast pad)
i don’t have paypal

amazon.com gift coupon to dj.m1x4h@gmail.com


send me USPS MO or cash. PM for address on this one.


Prismacolor Colored Pencils, 24 pack - $5

PC Games:
Neverwinter Nights $5

CDs: $1 each unless noted
Godsmack - The other side
The Ataris - So long, astoria
Eminem - Slim Shady LP
Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP
Jurassic 5 - Quality Control
Rage Against the Machine - Renegades
2Pac Better Dayz $2
Nirvana Nevermind
Jewel Pieces of you
Godsmack awake
alice in chains self titled
evanescence origins
nirvana in utero

DVDs $1 ea
The Hills have Eyes
American Pie
The Grudge

Books $1 ea or $10 for everything
Begining Java Objects
Java Software Solutions
Obects Abstraction Data Structures and Design using Java
the making of theatre history
son of hte rough south
Authors on Film
China in Disintegration
drawing space, form, and expression
performance studies - the interpretation of aesthetic texts
issues in cyberspace
introduction to psychological research
subliminal seduction
inventing reality
the new propaganda
keeping america uninformed

vhs - $1 eac
space jam
mortal kombat annhilation
nutty professor
iron monkey 2

dreamcast games
vmu - $5

comic books
shadowhawk II number 1, autographed by frank lopez
xmen number 30 autographed by fabian nicieza
spawn number 8
uncanny xmen number 141
5/6 of the fatal attractions books (with the holographic cards on the front)
youngblood #0
spiderman lost years #1
web of spiderman #100, #1
Marvel Ruins
exiles #1
Jack Kirby’s Secret City Saga #1
xmen alpha #1
uncannay xmen #320 - special Wizard edition with the gold storm cover
xforce #1 in original sealed wrapper
spiderman #13
amazing spiderman 378 3/14 maximum carnage issues
the new mutants #100 (white cover)
king size avengers #10 - first appearance of rogue
pitt number 1
fantastic four 381 - death of read richards
fantastic four 407 (reed richards ressurection)
xmen omega
xmen #30 not autographed
spiderman #1

and i have about 300 more or so perhaps… i don’t feel like writing them all out… sorry. make me offers on those. i’m willing to take jsut about anything for the rest… if you buy one of the issues, 'ill throw in two more free ones of little or no value… random stuff though… so don’t expect a WHOLE lot… lol but a freebie is a freebie. I’ll ship up to five for $5. each additional 5 will be $1 added on.


pictures upon request, email dj.m1x4h@gmail.com and let me know where you saw this ad (craigslist, facebook, shoryuken.com, neowin.net)

if i need to ship, it’s $5 for first item, 50 cents each additional, except books, where it’s $1.50 each additional because of weight. i ship usps.

Just sent you a PM

too much imho lol

gl with the sale tho


first post updated.

Not enough. :crybaby:


Why would you wanna sell space jam?!?! D:

because potato chips aren’t abundant enough.

hmmmm this caught my eye :bgrin:

i’ll go cheaper if you want to get multiple things… $40 shipped for all my cards?

Fucking Deal! If you’re serious, i’ll take them. I don’t collect cards anymore but this will heal the hole in my heart after my shit got stolen in middleschool.

LBC already pm’d me

cards are gone.

What happened to your paypal?

i got an email saying that my account was being put on hold for investigation of a possible scam blah blah…

whatever the case, somebody had attempted to steal 2 million or 200 thou or something… they thought it was me… i was found innocent… my account is still on hold… and i have $1.21 that i can’t get out of it.

i don’t know.

Well so am I! poof


Unless you wanna sell those fat chicks from your drama class?


christie’s not fat… lol…

there’s like, two fat girls… the rest are skinny

phoenix wright is gone.

PM’ed bout the Comics.