FS/FT: Arcana Heart HRAP

Like the title says, selling my Arcana HRAP. Slightly used, no scratches, dings, etc. Just a little wear around the dustcover from use. I can post pictures up soon. I’m negotiable, but for right now I’m posting it up for $200, not including shipping within the U.S.($25 priority anywhere within the mainland 48 states).

For $230 + shipping I’ll sell you the stick + JP game for those of you collectors. I’d sell the mook too but I want to hold onto that. Once again, negotiable.


What I want for trades:
Any GOOD PDA working AT&T model/unlocked phones. My iPhone got stolen. I’m using a RAZR. HALP. After having a PDA phone for the past two years and going to this, I’m dying. Lemme know whatchu got and we’ll see. Maybe it’ll be an even exchange.

PS3 gaems. Lemme know what you got, and we’ll see.

Thats it for now. Interested Contact me via PM or AIM, preferably AIM, as I’, usually on at nights. AIM: Gunflame Buri

Just burn it.

Chibi why you so mean :(.

I’ma punch you in yo FACE.

I’d buy it if I didnt hate the damn layout.


WTF What happened with my trade?

Sorry Miz, dont need an HRAP3 anymore. :frowning:


20 bucks.

thats a nice stick u got wish i could offer more then a 100 bux

willing to go any lower than 200?

Hmmm. HMMMM. how much you offering?

I’ll offer 100 dollars and my virginity.

Dont tempt me Miz <3.

Buckle: How much you offering? like $180?

G3/Stopping Power/Martydom

Its ‘deep impact’ fool. Martydom isn’t useful when I never die.

I’ll buy it if you take money orders.

how about an AT&T Blackjack?

Thats my M16 set up :P.

Neko: Yes, yes I do. I would prefer paypal, but mondey order is fine too.

Scottind: nah, I had a blackjack before my iphone, kinda hated it(random lockups/freezes). Maybe it’s cuz i updated it to WM6 though, idk. If things fall thru with nekohime i’ll pm you.

I can send you a money order now if you PM me info for it in the next couple minutes. I have a paypal account but it usually takes about a week to transfer funds to it (I don’t keep more than $100 in it at a time).

This is for both the stick and the game, so total will be $255 correct?

If you decide you want to trade I have a rather large anime collection im willing to let lose of, I really want an already customed stick so it will be easier for me to custom it. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=165298&highlight=trade

i have a few ps3 games

so is the stick still available?