FS/FT: Black and White Nintendo DS Lite & PS2 games. CvS2 inside!


All Gone.


Sold / Bought


[]JLF - $10?
Blue balltop, spring is in worn shape. This came out of a stick I had built - saw about 3 weeks of decent use. Comes with mounting plate and square gate. There’s a picture in the PCB area with the harness attached to it. I’ll ship that with it. To Shadowrtype
]1x Square gate - $4 shipped To Shadowrtype
[]1x Octo gate - $4 shipped To SergeantGrumbles
]High Box Pro - Lets you play consoles through VGA laglessly, requires a component cable to input. - $20 To Kasprfoto
[]White NDS, broken hinges. Good backup or trading Pokemon with yourself. Comes with charger and extra battery- $20 To m0o0
]NDS Professor Layton 1 Complete - $10 To xToxikDeath
[]PS3 Assassin’s Creed 2 Complete - $10 To SergeantGrumbles
]PS3 BlazBlue CS Complete - $10 To SergeantGrumbles
[]PS3 Super SF4 Complete - $10 To SergeantGrumbles
]NDS Mario Party - $10 To SergeantGrumbles
[]NDS Mario Kart - $10 To SergeantGrumbles
]NDS Call of Duty 4 Cart only- $3 - Local
[]NDS Wario Ware Touched! Complete- $5 - Local
]NDS Guitar Hero World Tour - $3 - Local
[]NDS Brain Age 2 Complete - $5 - Local
]PSX Yu Gi Oh Forbidden Memories Disc only - $3 - Local
[]PSX Crash Bash Complete- $3 - Local
]PSX Crash Team Racing Complete - $3 - Local
[]PSX Pocket Fighter No book - $3. - Local
]PS2 Air Combat 4, case no book - $3 - Local
[]PS2 Yakuza Disc Only - $4 - Local
]PS2 Lumines Complete - $5 - Local
[]PS2 Virtua Fighter 4 EVO - $4 - Local
]PS2 DT Racer Complete- $3 - Local
[]PSX, modded to play imports. THIS WILL NOT PLAY BOOTLEGS… I’ve tried. $20 - Local
]2x PSX pads, non-analog, old school 1st gen - $6 each, $9 both. - Local
[]White PS2 w/ 1 pad and cables $45 OBO // Pending trade to Tim Static
]PS2 memory card, blue with gamesaves - $5
[]PS2: Capcom vs. SNK 2 - $15
]PS2: Guilty Gear Accent Core+, no soundtrack - $12
[]PS2: Alpha Anthology - $8
]PS2: King of Fighters XI - $4
[]PS2: NBA Street Vol. 2 - $4
]PS2: Need for Speed Underground - $4
[]PS2: 4 DDR games (Extreme, Max, Max2, Supernova - I think) - only Extreme has the box. - $6
]PS3 Tekken 6
[]6x Sanwa snap ins, any color. (Or said switches. I need switches more than buttons)
]10’+ USB cable
[]PS3 Metal Gear HD
]PS3 pad, Pink // Pending trade to Tim Static




PM sent.


Much obliged. :slight_smile:


Any details on the jlf? I’m interested.


I’ll be up with that some time tonight after work.


Pics up tomorrow, hopefully in the morning.

A few people asked about the JLF, info is up. Pics up tomorow.


I’d like to buy the octo gate. Send me your paypal info and I can pay for it tonight. Thanks!


I’m interested in the JLF if it hasn’t been purchased yet.


there’s no price on the HD box Pro, how much?


6 sanwa snap ins will get me what from yo list? I have a couple colors


Got like 3 people ahead of you.

Make an offer. I’m not looking to make a killing with this sale. I’m mostly looking to just get rid of stuff.

$20 obo


Ill take the jlf and psx pads together, i tried to pm you but it says i cant.


You’re number 5 in line for that JLF.
I’ve been catching up on the PMs this morning, so there might have been a screw up.

All PMs answered.
I didn’t bring the stuff with me to work, so I can ship tomorrow - I hope.
I’ll respond to further messages when home tonight.




Octo gate gone.

JLF / Square gate gone.


NDS pending payment

HighBox pending trade offer for 6 buttons.


HighBox gone, traded for buttons.

Mario party and Mario Kart added.


NDS gone.


I’ll take proffesor layton off of you I’ll send the payment when you PM :smiley: