FS/FT: Breath of Fire IV & Rhapsody (PS1)


I have multiple copies of each - every one VG to NM condition and complete (the cases on the outside might have sticker residue or be a little dirty or scuffed, otherwise NM)

$20 shipped for either, or $35 for both.

Or interested in trading for/towards:

Grandia 3 (PS2)
Shining Force Neo or Exa (PS2)
KOF 2002/2003 (PS2)
Kessen 3 (PS2)
Guilty Gear X (PS2)
Phantasy Star Online I + II Plus aka Blue Burst (GC)
Ogre Battle (PS1)

Please PM with offers - thanks!


PM sent for BoFIV


PM received, but I still have several more copies, so if anyone else wants one, let me know!


I’d like Grandia 3 and Breath of Fire IV.




bump again - Taskmaster, get my PM?


Bump again - I still have several copies left of both.


are any GH version of the game ?


how much for Grandia 3 and orge battle shipped?


You guys can’t read :confused: Grandia 3 and Ogre battle are titles he’s looking for, not selling.


Received BoFIV in mail today. Good stuff!


Good deal!

Still a few more available of both BoFIV and Rhapsody


:tup: What’s up Kyah. If you don’t mind me asking, could you PM me a pic of the condition of the Rhapsody that you have? I may buy one to complete my Nippon Icchi collection. Thanks for your time… dood.


I don’t really have a good camera man, but I assure you I can get you one in NM condition.

If you come down to DSC3, you can pick the one you like from a total of 7 copies :slight_smile:


Not sure if I’ll make it to DSC3 since I’m garbage on playing on stick and DSC3 is arcade right? But yeah I’ll go ahead and buy a copy of Rhapsody from you. I met you in person at FRX and you’re mad cool so I 120% trust you. You have a PayPal account? Just PM or AIM: Yeah Dooooood me the details on your payment and I’ll send it ASAP… dood.


Deal done! There are still 6 copies of Rhapsody available if anyone wants one.


RAWR! :tup: I sent the moolah your way at 120%… dood.


Bump - there’s still multiple copies of each left.




:tup: Game arrived today in perfect condition. Many thanks BobSmack… dood!