FS/FT: Dreamcast Games

NFL 2k2 - $8 shipped
NFL 2k - $8 shipped
Jet Grind Radio - $15 shipped
Slave Zero - $10 shipped
Crazy Taxi 2 - $10 shipped
Resident Evil: Code Veronica - $12 shipped (no book or label)
Maken X - $8 shipped
Phantasy Star Online - $15 shipped
Soul Calibur - $15 shipped
Sonic Adventure 2 - $10 shipped

All games are complete case and book unless otherwise noted.

All discs show no signs of major scratches or imperfections.

I have not tested every game but if there is a problem with it I will provide a refund.

I will combine shipping if you purchase 2 or more games.

**I am open to trades, I’m particularly looking for an internal SATA HDD 150gb or more.
Please feel free to PM me with any inquiries. Thanks.