FS/FT: Empty Arcade Cabinet

I am I the process of buying a candy cab and just don’t have the space for it. I am selling a full size stand up arcade cabinet. It is fully Jamma compatible and comes with a "25 monitor. The buttons have all been replaced with brand new Happ and the sticks are also new. I really need to get rid of the thing so I am open to trades.
I am asking for $150 but I am open to offers. I will post pics when I get home.

http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/2792/img0223ub4.th.jpg http://img409.imageshack.us/img409/7850/img0060hg0.th.jpg

**Arcade game not included *

aww man alameda is pretty damn far :confused:
other wise id go for a pick up

Alameda is about 30 minutes away from me :looney: I may be interested.

Price drop $125

Id so buy it if you could get it to florida, for free :wink:

if i lived anywhere in cali i’d buy it… that is a SICK deal.

bumpers for amado sensei.

Awesome price man,

Keep that MvC2 artwork though.

I’d consider dropping making my own cab for this… if I didn’t live in chicago >.<

I’d consider buying it, if shipping could be arranged.

I would except is seemed to be glued on to the cab. I tried to remove it before and nearly ripped my finger nails off. Is there some type of solvent or something else I could try because I think the art would be destroyed if I used raw force to remove them. Anyone have any ideas? :confused:

short of cutting it out? Nope, dont think so.

Damn they both cracked and broke apart as soon as I started peeling them off. :bluu:

Cabinet on hold pending pick up. Sorry to those who pm last night but someone from Craigslist emailed me yesterday morning and I had just not noticed until now.:sweat:



Umm, didn’t see this. Great deal and nice cab.