FS/FT: Fat PS2, PSOne, DBZ VHS, Rock Band Instruments

What I got:

Fat PS2 console. Disc tray seems to be busted/stuck open. I don’t have the cables for it so I can’t test it or try to fix it. It seems like an easy fix, but I really don’t know. Selling as-is. $30 shipped.




PSOne console ( the mini one). Practically mint. Only used a few times. Includes both AV and Power adapter. $25 shipped.

**Dragonball Z VHS Tapes. ** $15 shipped for the lot.




Full Rock Band Instrument Set for Xbox360, Like new. Drums, Guitar, Microphone. Now listed on ebay, seller username : thecrazydoctor

I’m open to trades, particularly for the following items:

A hacked ps1 pad wired for Happ Competition stick/buttons.
A Red or Black Happ Competition Joystick.
Red Happ Competition Buttons.
A Wired Xbox360 pad hacked for Happ Competition stick/buttons.
An Xbox360 VGA cable.
COD4 for Xbox360

I am open to trades for other things, just PM me with what you have and we’ll see what we can do. Paypal ONLY please. Thanks for looking.

Do you still have the original box and inserts for the PSOne? If so I’d be interested

sorry no box or inserts, just the console.

bump, added Rock Band instruments.

hey i dont know much about rock band so i dont know if this even matters, but what console are the instruments for?

Xbox 360. Sorry I forgot to add that. Thanks for the reminder.

When did you originally get the Rock Band instruments? If it was after the initial bunch with the crappy guitar strummer, I’d be interested in buying the guitar separately if you’d be willing to do that.

i think its one of the originals. the strumbar doesnt “click”. i hope that clarifies things.

hey scoops whats going on with the stick?