FS/FT: HAPP P360 Xbox 360 Arcade Stick :I'll trade for an unmodded MadKatz SE 360 ACS

I’ll trade the arcade stick for a MadKatz SE Xbox 360 Stick because that is mainly what I’m looking for. It doesn’t have to be modded at all but I ask that it be in as nice of condition as possible please.

Original Pack includes:

  • One HAPP P360 Stick with White Convex Buttons (I’ve got other colors/styles as well) $120 shipped
  • One XBL 1600 point card (To buy MVC2 with) This is only up for people to ask about to make a deal for a group of items.
  • One MVC2 Original Arcade Flyer / $8 Shipped anywhere

The flyer is this one:


If you are excepting cash offer put a price and. And what are you trying to trade for?

Juniorv376, he did put in his post what he’s looking for; an Xbox 360 arcade stick fitted with Sanwa parts. But I have to agree; Bebop129, if you’re willing to accept cash, I think a lot of potential buyers’d appreciate a price listing.

I will accept $150 shipped for the entire set.

Pictures will be up later today.

Bump: Pictures added

If you’re willing to sell the flyer separately, lemme know a price shipped to 17601

I’ll be willing if I don’t get any hits after awhile.

Price Lowered to $150 shipped.

I’ll accept offers for anything now.

pm sent

Bump to reflect changes.

Updated name so people will KNOW what the hell I am selling this time.

Updated to let people know what I would trade for.


just curious, what does the red button do?

I’d assume that’s for people who want to use this stick for playing SNK games like The King of Fighters or Garou as well as things like Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom series.

Actually it is in the rules that you have to put a price when something is fs.

@Bebop: Would you take a custom case that takes sanwa parts as a trade for the Happ stick.

That’s called the win button which makes you automatically win your match.

No, its whatever you want it to be. I haven’t quite decided yet.

Got pictures?

Bebop. You are mad funny! Your responses make me laugh. Your sig is mad funny too.

Thanks if your comment was without sarcasm.