FS/FT: My KI Stick - 360/PC Compatable


Hey all,

I was directed here from BYOAC since I hear you guys deal with sticks quite a bit.

Some of you may have noticed this in the Arcade Central forum on Neo-Geo.com:
(Click link to see details of build)

I am going to build a cabinet so need some PCBs to test out (sold what I had yonks ago) so though I’m not really looking to sell it (though I may consider decent offers), I’d be happy to part with it for some PCBs :slight_smile:

Here’s the pics again:






This sucker’s PC and Xbox 360 compatable, back/coin button is on the left hand side and the Xbox menu is on the right. Player indicator is on the front (4 LEDs).

So there you go, just drop me a PM with offers. I’m interested in fighting games, shmups and what not so whatever you think is a fair trade ask and I’ll let you know if I agree :wink:

Deal with shipping is each party pays for postage of the item they are swapping. Job done.


pm sent

Nice Stick, did you buy it or build it yourself. Reminds me of an Arcade in a Box.

Nice stick man,

Built it myself.

I was surprised actually, I quite enjoyed putting it together. Probably one of the only things I’ve done which went off without a (big) hitch. Biggest task was the overlay which took about 7 hours to do in Photoshop.

What’s Arcade in a Box?

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:



Ed_Farias’ business. Hes a very talented builder who gives an “old style” authentic look to his sticks.

Holy cow, they are pretty similar! Nice sticks by all accounts, though I think wood frames always suit bat tops over ball tops.

I couldn’t imagine selling these in a business, the turn over must be one every few weeks? I loved making this one and think it turned out ace, but I doubt there’s enough interest to make a living out of it. Am I wrong (I hope I am :D)?


May you please post some interior pics?

Yeah sure, will get interior pics up later on.

Anything in particular you want pics of?

Also, all PMs replied to! Thanks folks!


Post a price please.
Also, did you ever get to swapping out the Happ ultimate?

Is it painted or did you use vinyl? If it’s vinyl do you mind me asking where you got it from?

The Happ ultimate is still in there, it actually grew on me. It’d be easy to swap out if needed though, those four screws you see on top allow access to the internals.

The sides are laminated since I was lucky enough to have some over from a cabinet (non-gaming) build and everything is trimmed with a flush cutting router bit. T-molding, obviously, was the applied using the slotter I got from T-Molding.co.uk. The laminate was bought locally and to be honest, I’ve not seen this stuff anywhere else, though it’s the same stuff you’d find on a full size stand up cabinet.

I’d post a price but honestly I’d rather swap for games and I’d not know what sort of price to put on it anyway.

Pics of the interior will be up later on. Latest PMs were also replied to.


Ok, I’ll buy PCBs myself later, this is now just FS, $180 + $60 shipping worldwide, 90 + 15 postage in the UK.


ever get those interior pics?

Was going to but then had a trade in progress on another board, which has just been agreed upon incidently, so this is now gone.

Thanks for all the interest!


Ok now that you got a trade I can post just how much I like that stick man. ( didn’t wanna interupt your thread ) That was some fine work. I am a fan of the KI series.
I had to fight the urge to buy it :rofl: Out of curiosity, What did you trade such fine work for ? Hope you got the best of the trade.


hit you with some rep btw

Thanks :wink:

I was swapping for 7 PCBs, including Tekken 2 and Final Fight :frowning: Was going to cost the guy over $200 to ship though so I guess that trade was dead in the water.

So this is now just FS, $180 + $60 shipping worldwide, 90 + 15 postage in the UK.

If someone in the UK has a Tekken Tag/3 or CPS game they want to trade let me know, though if you are in the US make sure postage is ok before agreeing to anything!


Now $140 + shipping or 70 + postage.