FS/FT: Namco Cab in WA

Really love this thing, but did not like Tekken (the game that was originally in it) so I re-wired the thing for neo geo use. However, the namco kick harness is still in the cab and with a little re-wiring you could make it back into a tekken cab if you wanted.

monitor works great! very crisp picture. Currently has a Mv-1Fz neo geo motherboard inside. Also included is ‘the king of fighter 96’ cart and a tekken tag marquee. I have installed new convex buttons and new microswitches also.


Would either like money for either upcoming rent, or would trade for a supernova supergun + either a naomi setup or atomiswave setup.

here she is:

Full shot of the cab.


KOF 2k3 marquee


Monitor example


Control Panel



looking for ~ $600. pick up only. Once again i’m located in Yakima, Washington.