FS/FT: Namco PS1 Stick!1!


Yup, this is the legendary Namco PS1 stick. Still in great working order. Pics HERE.Looking for $55 shipped or trades for the following:

Looking for:

  1. Skyrim Collectors Edition PS3 (used or new) with everything it came with retail, including box and that awesome dragon statue.

  2. A nice set of Ray-Bans (must be able to prove authenticity).


What ray-bans? which style?


If you have a pair of bans, just post a pic and a link to a retail site so I can look at specs and I’ll see if I want to trade.


Bumpy price drop.


fffffffff I want this so bad but I have no cash in my bank account right now.


For a Fighting Spirit fan I don’t mind holding it for a bit.


It wouldn’t be for a while, unfortunately. :frowning:


In your sig…

Go ahead, hate me SH. Go ahead.

Also… Didn’t you JUST sell one of these things a few months ago?


I see. Thanks for the interest.


I think I’d like to buy this off of you.

How used is it?


I bought it used locally so I don’t know how much total use it has. As someone who’s owned waaay too many arcade sticks though, I think this Namco plays like a dream. I would keep it if I didn’t have an all-in-one solution handy.