FS/FT - NES stuff, DC Agetec PCB, etc

Heres some stuff i have for sale… Some random, some useful… Paypal or US Money Order accepted.

I am also open to trades. Looking for: NEW or Barely Used
1 Seimitsu LS-56-01 (black balltop preferred but not necessary)
3 Red Sanwa OBSF-30 Snap-ins
3 Black/Grey Sanwa OBSF-30 Snap-ins
1 (24 mm) Sanwa Red or Black or Seimitsu Black body with Red plunger
1 NEW Acrylic panel for a DC Agetec with the screw, stick and button holes drilled to match with the size and dimensions of the original metal panel

DC Agetec PCB - $25 shipped

DC Agetec Parts - $8 shipped
Parts used in the DC Agetec.

NES games were tested about 4 months ago and worked fine. All have the sleeve, box and instructions. All are in GOOD condition. They have never been used since then but they are sold “AS IS”.

NES Super Mario Bros. 3 - $12 shipped
Good worked fine but was tested months ago. Cover of instructions are missing.

NES Super C - $15 shipped
Same description as SMB3.

NES Mega Man 4 - $12 shipped

Also for sale is a NES (flip top) with the pin connector rebuilt by me so games will fit snugly and usually work on the first try. Comes with all connectors, controller, and if i can find it, a durable plastic protective case. (Kinda like a briefcase.) Ill throw in extra accessories for free if i can find them. $40 shipped.

I dont have pics yet but im also selling my 360 HD DVD player since people still collect these along with all my HD DVDs. All are in excellent/mint condition.

HD DVD player itself comes with the install disc, King Kong, The Frighteners, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Darkman and all connections for $30 + shipping.

HD DVDs available: PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING I will combine shipping with 3 or more.
Hot Fuzz - $9
The Thing - $8
Shawn of the Dead - $9
F&TF: Toyko Drift - $9
Transformers - $10
Dawn of the Dead - $8
Heroes: Season 1 - $22
The Italian Job - $7
Batman Begins - $9

Or buy all the HD DVD stuff for $125 + shipping. Open to offers. price change

1 lone Bluray.
Robocop (Unrated version) - $15 shipped.

PM’ed on SMB3 and MM4.