FS/FT [New England] Dedicated Neo Geo cab for sale

Asking $550 for the lot. Some great carts up for grabs (Garou, Last Blade 2, etc), and the gold cab has some collector appeal. Pick-up only, naturally. New Happ buttons and comp. sticks.


I’d also trade it for a PS3. Big price difference there, but hey.



Someone bought it. But then, I turned around it bought it back from them at double the price! Only now, I need to sell it again, just to cut my losses and break even.

Help me out here. (I’m Irish)

bump for the cause, i would take it if I weren’t, you know, broke.

Appreciate that :). And while I’m at it, eyyy it’s the bump.

ye if it were in Florida I would pick it up ;), but the shipping X_X,
bump for the cause!

Price dropped to $500. My listing won’t reflect that just yet.


Bump. What a steal, what a steeaal. I need the cash; you’ve always wanted an arcade machine.

Everyday I see this thread and drool…I have no room for the thing though…

I know just what you mean. Ultimately, though, there’s a void in your very soul that needs to be filled. And man, there’s plenty of room.

Buy it or give me your PS3, folks. Thanks in advance!

No gimmicks, just a bump.

Where in New England are you? Im very interested but craigslist wont work. =/

I live in Dover, New Hampshire. It’s about an hour from Manchester, or 15 minutes from Portsmouth. About an hour to an hour and a half from Boston, depending on traffic.

trade PS3???

No way! mine PS3 is freaking videogames! :lovin:


bump for the cause

Thank you sire. I’ve updated my myspace with more pics.

I believe it’s safe to say…SOLD! I’m taking cash, but I got an offer for a brand-new PS3 w/ one-year warrantee. Argh. I need the money. And the PS3 needs more games.