FS/FT: NOS Capcom Cabinet Artwork. *sold*

All sold.


I actually would rather do a trade than sell.

Added a want. Would like to buy an UMK3 pcb, or trade toward one.


wow those capcom logo stickers are worth THAT much?

i have 2 just sitting around :3

Prices lowered all around!

Still looking for the UMK3 board.

What are the dimensions of the overlay? And is it a self-adhesive vinyl?


Height - 20 inches

Width - 35 inches

and I guess it’s made of a “high quality, heavy weight plastic.”

got my info from arcade shock


Uh, why didn’t you mention this when I was at your place?! I want that overlay.


I want both.

I hadn’t recieved them at the time. About to send you a PM.