FS/FT random computer parts


My old computer basically fried and here’s whats left of it. I’ll take random trades as well, namely looking for music games/equipment, arcade parts, PCBs, stuff for carpal tunnel, etc, but whatever, just try me. All prices are negotiable.

pictures http://flickr.com/photos/43048390@N00/

Video cards:

BFG geforce 6600 OC AGP 256MB (comes w/ box)- SOLD
PNY geforce 5200 (or maybe 5500?) AGP 128 mb - I dunno… 20 shipped? (it’s enough to play hl2)


mushikin 256 DDR (333) x 2 - 5 dollars for both

VGA card slot cooler - 5 shipped

USB PCI expansion card - 5 shipped
firewire PCI expansion card - 5 shipped
(7 for both)

also, (no pictures)
swann security cam w/ audio (hooks up to composite video) - 20 shipped


sale pending on the 6600. Everything else is still available. Bump

Prices are all negotiable.


6600 sold, everything else is still available.


Got the card in today! Thanks again :smiley:


Prices lowered. bump.


Chipper do you need any CPU coolers? I have both AMD and Intel in stock, lol, new. Also great guides etc, I would like to talk to you on aim ;).