FS/FT: Random Stuff (CPS3 arcade games, Hori Casings(Open Again), HAPP Parts)


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure CD CPS3 Arcade JAMMA Board
Works fine and comes with a CPS2/3 Kick Harness. It is the CD version. $130 shipped. This one I do have pictures of:

**Hori EX2 Casing **

HAPP Competition Stick

Marvel vs Capcom 2 PS2.
The game has seen better days but it plays fine. Doesn’t come with an instruction manual. I’ll run the disk down to a local guy to get it fully cleaned before I ship it out and I’ll pay for that.
$50 shipped.

More Stuff and Pictures to be added later.

Xbox Live 1600 Point Card
Not really for sale as much as a part of an offer to trade for. I might keep it to get all of thoes SF4 costumes and I may not if someone offers some kind of deal.

I am looking for a case for a HAPP stick or an arcade stick for Xbox 360 altogether. PM me if you have any offers to trade for this stuff.


Interested in the Hori EX2 case if you got pics.


interested in the ex2 case as well




any more info on the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure CD CPS3 Arcade JAMMA Board?

I have cps2 boards now, is it straight plug and play into the same setup?



It is the same plug in play with the JAMMA connection and the Kick Harness. Installation takes less than a min.

Ask me whatever you want. Battery was changed last year and the CD is untouched. Its a first edition board with extra connections that I rarely ever see on other boards.

Ask away.


Any pics of that EX2…???


Also wanting the ex2 case.




Bump with some prices lowered.


Bump with pictures.

Hori EX2 is now open again.




Stuff as been sold.

Updated some prices.