FS/FT: Sega Saturn Package

up on ebay now, will end early if someone wants to buy or trade for what I have listed:



NOTE this is NOT an import saturn. It only has the case of an import, with the innards of an american saturn. You would still need a mod chip, or a 4-in-1 deal to play imports on it.

comes with:

Composite hook-ups/ Power Cable
1 controller


Battle Monsters (complete)
Criticom (complete)
Mortal Kombat II (complete)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat III (complete)
Arcades Greatest Hits: Atari Collection 1 (disk only)
Street Fighter Alpha II (disk only)
Virtua Fighter II (disk only)
X-men: COTA (disk only)

Looking to trade for a PSP with 1.5, or Custom FW


$105 shipped within the U.S. (money orders only)

I have an Ipod mini that I never use. You have a very tempting offer but what about shipping?


Out of curiousity, how much in cash are you looking for?

I honestly don’t know, but I’ll get back to you pretty soon.

I would SOoooooooooooooooooo jump on this if I hadn’t sold all my saturn games last year.



now where’s the Ipod!!?!?!?!

bump. added some stuff to the trade list

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I’m not sure on what to ask for, cash wise, so make an offer I guess.

you have to post a price buddy :tup:


added a price. Am also willing to trade for a PSP with either the 1.5, or dark alex’s custom Firmware.

i’m more than interested in this, but i wont know if i’ll be able to buy this until wednesday.


PM sent ^


on ebay now.

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Bump. only one hour left.