FS/FT: SF4AE (PC)/ Always sunny in Philly/ Family Guy


pm’d for bbcs and ah3

I’ll take AH3 if ibeatu doesn’t take it. He always does though.

lol so true…:smiley:

lol we will see do you know if the disc version can play vs the psn version ?

yeah :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it can. I know I’ve gotten into that 24/7 PSN lobby using a disc version before.

alright cool i asked him as well i also wanted to know if it was the jap or asian version

ill prob take both either way but still asked a few questions :slight_smile:

It’s his name after all. You know how many things I’ve lost out to him here? ibeatu, you still after that CS bundle? I may be interested in that. I just bought the European limited, but it didn’t have Noel or the drama cd, I’d like to get that.
Jazz, can you give a bit more info about the SF/Darkstalkers import? Is the Darkstalkers collection this -

Anyone know if it will play in a 60gb PS3? If so you have a buyer, sir.

yea as long as it has the game im taking it :slight_smile: i didnt know u lost out on so much stuff cause of me :frowning: i lost out on so many things in general :frowning:

the euo version is all english right?

Yup, all english, I have the limited edition, same thing just without a couple of the extras. If you have a BBCS save, I think you’re starting over, the EU edition didn’t see my US save.

ah ok i had i rented it on xbox didnt give it a shot i like bbct though so im def taking it just wanting on a reply

All games with IMPORT means Japanese version

BBCS is jap collectors ed…

that is, indeed the darkstalkers collection


the PS2 darkstalkers collection/sf2 collection cannot be played on any US ps3 sadly
need a swap magic ps2 or a jap ps2 or a jap ps3

ibeatu continues his tradition of being a trading outlet MONSTER lmao

as i said in the opener I am open to offers if you see something too high tell me and i will fold…i just need to hustle some cash before evo

edit: I just realized my sales profile has been deleted…must be a result of the srk “upgrade” (if thats what you call it :confused: )

ive been doing this every year…im too legit to quit

I’m seriously thinking about this, I have cogswap on my PS2, should do the exact same thing. Thing is, I have emulators in English that do the same thing. Decisions. I think I’m a lock for this, I can have paypal out to you tomorrow when I get home, going to bed right now.

gotta keep the tradition up :slight_smile:

sounds good. shoot me the PM whenever you are ready

PM sent.
Just thought I’d mention since we don’t have feedback anymore, I bought a bunch of stuff from Jazz last year. Black Lagoon tin sets, FMA, and I think I got Bebop and Elfin Lied from him too, can’t remember. Still kicking myself over missing out on Eureka 7. I have nothing but good to say about him as a seller.

Added Its always sunny in philadelphia and Family Guy seasons…

someone buy this stuff lol

dropped prices

got my games in 2 days thanks