FS/FT Steve Tren Complete stick /sanwa buttons / Empty SF4 SE case

Steve Tren Complete stick. Sanwa buttons , jlf , madcatz fightpad pcb, qd’s, 8 button layout, will include the akuma artwork , wireing is of the first pcb (in the pic) witch was a 6 button layout I just redid the pcb at christmas with a round 2 pcb( I dont have a camera right now so I cant reshoot the pic) $200 cad + ship, or trade for New COMIC CON TE stick for the 360 , if its used I might still make a deal. possible trades for a Femme Fatal TE PM wirh all offers.




Couple of Balltops , 2 white Sanwa , 1 green Bubble top, looking to trade for other balltops , Pink balltop , Violet Balltop , Red Bubbletop, open to offers

8 green Sanwa osbn-30 Buttons ( screw ins/lightly used) I am looking to trade for:,
Sanwa buttons OSBN -30 in Pink, Blue Orange , white, Ble, Red
OSBF-30 in Pink , Orange

Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Pink, Purple , Clear
PS-14-K 30mm Purple, Pink

I got a empty SF4 SE fightstick case. Case is in really good shape , no damage , the artwork has some swirls in it but tissue marks that artwork up lol. Looking to sell$25 cad + shipping, or looking to trade for Sanwa 30mm buttons OSBN-30 or OSBF-30 or JLF in new condition. The case has no Start or Select , home, turbo panel buttons, its the bare case . I was going to drill holes where the start and select buttons are for two sanwa 24mm buttons wich would look alot better in my opinion.
The pic is of the full stick ,

hi, im interested in buying the case. please pm me your paypal & the total amt shipped to 92614. thanks!

A few things added

i have a pink balltop. trade for green bubbletop?

bump stick added