FS/FT: Street Fighter III: New Generation (CPS3) w/ new battery!


What I have here is the CPS3 version of Street Fighter III: New Generation.

Everything works 100%, and comes with everything you need to plug and play.

  • motherboard
  • sims
  • cd rom drive
  • original cd rom
  • cart (w/ a brand new battery)
  • and the cables

Battery was changed on **3-20-07. ** AND I was told that the battery that was used to replace the old one lasts longer than the normal lithium batteries.

This is a quote from the person who changed the battery: “We soldered in a new battery. These are a little different than the regular lithium. You won’t ever have battery failure on these boards”. “You’ll be playing Street Fighter 17 before it dies.”


Price is $175 shipped with in the U.S.

Money Orders ONLY.

I will have a trade list later, but trade wise i’m looking for other arcade hardware.

I would deffinetly trade for an Atomiswave Motherboard. :smiley:

PM with offers/questions.


Hey, if you’re willing to sell just the metal casing so I can add it to my CPS3, I’ll give you a good price for it (much more than its worth)

PM me.