*****FS/FT: Super Neo 29 + 4slot MVS + Games*****

all prices shipped except cab

Ok I have a Super Neo 29, a 4 slot MVS, and the following games:

KOF 2K2 - $100
Windjammers - $120
Metal Slug X - $40
Puzzle Bobble - $30
World Heroes - $15

Cab - $600

The cab has brand new sticks and buttons. Control panel and monitor bezel was recently painted. The rest of the cab is in very good cosmetic condition. The only thing wrong with the cab is that the door panel for the MVS is missing (pic shown).

I’m looking to either sell all of these together outright or will entertain cash + trades with the catch of I’m not looking for anymore arcade hardware (cabs or boards). Console games are good, posters, artbooks, or whatever else is fair game.

Will not set a price, just PM me your offers. I’m not trying to split anything up at this time but if you have something REALLY interesting I might be willing to split it up.






To sell on this forum bro, you are required to set a price.

A price must be set or an equivalent of items may be up for bartering.

What is the price please???

& the price is?!

updated for prices

Damn it damn it damn it!!! Bump for good deal on cab. But fuck how far CA is… I said but fuck… lolz…>= [


still available