FS/FT: Video Game Stuff , itunes, sansa clip, + misc

8gb lexar professional compact flash (new but missing upc) - $35
$100 Itunes Gift Card - $60 each. 2 left
8gb ipod touch 1st gen - like new (received for gift over christmas- didnt even add music on it yet) - payment received- shipment Monday.
1gb Black Sansa Clip (Sealed refurb- includes earbuds + usb cord) - $19

Xbox/ Xbox 360:

Fable: The Lost Chapters - (Brand New Sealed) - $12
Shenmue II - Included Shenmue the Movie dvd- (Hollywood Video Case) - $10
Virtua Fighter 5 Online $15
Xbox Live Compilation (Contains Pac-man Chapmionship edition, uno, boom boom rocket, feeding frenzy, and luxor 2) - $8
Xbox 360 Text Messenger Kit- chat pad + headset (new/never used) -$22


Rule of Rose - $25
Zone of the Enders 1 and 2 (two separate titles + contains extra disc containing: Metal gear solid Sons of Liberty demo) -$35
Silent Hill Homecoming /w Strategy Guide $45
ps1/ps2 memory card adapter (new/ sealed) -$10
Sealed Blu-wave Remote (receiver allows use /w Logitech Harmony Controllers) $12


Samba De Amigo - (Brand New Sealed) - $10
Wii Network Adapter- $13

Viewtiful Joe Vol 1 DVD with OST and other extras (sealed) -$5

Shipping not included. Typically ~$3.50 for a single game sent in a bubble mailer via first class. I combine shipping. Instant transfer paypal please or use ppcalc.com.

Heatware: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=61929
Also have feedback here on SRK: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=173581

If you have sufficient feedback on heatware and/or SRK, I’ll be happy to PM the itunes code prior to payment.
Open to trades as well. (video games, gift cards, hardware, sticks, etc). Also need modding jobs done on a few sticks (new pcbs, dual mods maybe, etc) - preferably with a modder in So Cal.

bump for drop

I am interested in trading some random games towards some credit on the $100 iTunes GC.

I got unopened copies (each with an asking price of $20)

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3) and Age of Empires 3 Collectors Edition (PC) / World of Goo (PC)

Used Games (each with an asking price of $10)

Dragon Quest IV (DS) / Contra IV (DS)
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (Wii - I will need to search for this)
Guilty Gear XXAC (PS2) maybe 15 for this since it is an EVO2009 game.

I’m curious what kind of trades are you looking for? PS2/ps1/dc?

Not so much DC- mostly PS1/ a few ps2/ xbox 360/ ps3.

I have a pretty complete library of DC and PS2 already unfortunately. If you have lists/links to your collection, I can look through’m.

In need of a external hard drive case that supports a 1.5gb HD and/or a case thats for 2x hard drives.

I’ll PM you a list tonight of what’s available.

I replied to your PM about trading in GT5 and GGXXAC

1 itunes spoken for.

One sold.

Valaris - you haven’t pm’ed me yet.

bump for added games

added wii and ps3 accessories.

added ps3 stuff

bump for update…

and TE stick from bestbuy got pushed back a second time to 3/08!


just bought something from this gentleman, great prices too :tup:

I’ll take Samba – $3.50 for shipping then added to $11?

Yes sir. You have been pm’ed.

Updated list.

Ghaleon- your game will be shipped Monday.

bump for addition

bump for adding another 12+1 live card

updated. Will trade for a modding job(s).