FS/FT: Virtua Fighter 3 Dedicated Megalo 50" Cab

www.youtube.com/impulsze for a vid of it running.

Price drop! I need to get rid of this since its waaaaaay too large for my place. Asking $600 obo. Game works great, but the cab is missing marquee and aesthetic panels. Open to trades. You must arrange pickup in Elk Grove, CA (Sacramento).

Things i’m looking for:
-naomi setup with gdrom drive and dimm, and csv2
-candy cab working
-mvs setup with games
-offer me shiet
-MVC2 marquee and art

Holla at aim, as I usually leave that on.

Wasn’t Virtua Fighter 3 that really terrible one they had on DC? Or was it just a bad conversion?

Im not too sure. I dont really play the VF’s.

I like them all VFs, unfortunately I would so get this, but the distance makes it impossible.

why did you put leather + cushon on top of it?

<rolls eyes>

On the showcase? Cause everyone does plexi/lexan with art. Id rather have extra comfort for longer gaming sessions.

It was actually just a bad conversion. VF3 is actually a pretty good game.