FS/FT: x-box + 3s + cvs2 + magic box

system + cords (red-yellow-white/S-VID) 100$
mint 3s (no box or instructions) 20$
mint cvs2 (no box or instructions) 20$
magic box 50$ (rare as fuck now)

buy all: 150$

iso: ipod video or cash

How much cash, ie. prices?

sell me your HRAP2 :lovin:

i’m actually looking to buy one myself

updated first post

i’ll do 150 shipped for the package

You playing 3rd on 360 now?

no, on a regular x-box… but the thing is that the net code for this game sucks so much fucking dick that i can’t even go from high to low block with out getting hit by some scrub’s shoto sweep.

Yeah, I know how you feel. I gave up on it ages ago… Thankfully I transfered my XBL account to 360 so it wasn’t a complete waste…