FS/FT: Xbox, DC, PS, GC games

FS/FT: Xbox VGA box, Universal A/V to VGA converter


Hey… I’ll bargain with you…

both of those DVDs for $16 shipped?

damn you mixah!

yo chip, you wanted that PCB, right?

i forgot. haha

i’ll get to it tomorrow.

Deal. PM me.

alright sounds good.

I just transferred the money into my Paypal… so expect payment in a few days

if somebody wants to make a better offer, then feel free.

Still buying Mixah?

Sorry about the wait dude, and me not getting back to you.
I got a parking ticket @ my school, and there went $15. I’ll get you paid asap, but if somebody else wants those DVDs, then go for it.

^its all good

SFAC sold.

Payment Sent

DVDs sold, added two VGA converters

edit *cvs2 not on hold

hey, that VGA box, could I hook up a VCR + my PC at the same time to one monitor? I think that’s what i got from that… but my monitor is a DVI monitor…

Yeah you can hook those things up… anything with A/V cords, but it wont connect to a DVI

ok, then that wont work. thanks :slight_smile:

Hit me up about the VGA box. I’m pretty sure we can work out a game trade for it.

Check out your PMs.


Ok kids last things to sell are the VGA boxes. BUY!

ok, I will take those converters off your hands! I really want them. I’ll PM you now.