FS: Full-Sanwa Custom Stick w/ Cthulu Board for PS3/PC


Hey guys, so i’ve decided to sell my latest build. $185 +shipping to your door. :slight_smile:

no pictures here, but i do have a video. enjoy.

Some things to note:
-i vinyl dye’d the buttons, so they have a bit of an “orange peel” effect, but it’s not severe and doesnt affect their performance.
-The USB cord is quite short [maybe like 6’], but can be swapped easily by removing the bottom panel and plugging a new one into the cthulu board. [make sure to tie a knot so it doesnt rip out the plug/board! :P]

other than that, everything works perfectly, and there are no major blemishes. I have never used this stick outside of testing it, as seen in the video.


sweet. nice handle.


Yeah I really like the handle “caging” the buttons from accidental press-ation!

And, of course, a Sagat themed stick always looks epik. Too bad I cant say such nice things about the Timberlake-sounding SFIV theme song, haha!

Great Jorb!


very very nice. i would get this if i didnt have too many already.


very nice stick cicada much like the cammy one, good luck with your sale man.


the buttons are recessed a bit, but still flush with the rest of the top of the case [i routed from both sides], but the handle also cages them pretty well and are still easy to access when playing. :slight_smile:


Damn I wish that was Bison. PM sent.


a problem that some of us are fortunate enough to have. I have about 6, which is my reason for selling this one :o


howd u get black sanwa 30mm


yup. same thing i was wondering.

edit: nevermind. lol. vinyl dye.


still available?


Very Nice but looking for xbox 360 stick, good luck on the sell mang!


I am interested in this stick.


indeed. :slight_smile:


Cicada, what bran vinyl dye did you get? It’s hard to find true vinyl dye since most stuff is actually vinyl coating. =(


VHT, i think its made for automotive interiors. i definitely went too heavy with the coats [and maybe too many coats, at that] which gave it the orange peel effect.


Sent PM


Good looking stick, good luck with the sale!



and bump! :stuck_out_tongue:


id be buying if it was for 360 =(