FS: Full Sanwa Ps2 stick 60 USD OBO! Located in Toronto


This is a fully working stick for the ps2.

Basically, its made from an Intec PSP case. It is full Sanwa. The box sits slightly higher as it is on rubber feet now. It has weights on the right side of the box to help it from not moving. Also it has a hole drilled on the right side for a cable to pass through.
There are 2 small 16mm buttons on the back for start and select.
i am asking for what i have into it which is 60 USD + shipping. I am in canada, so anyone wanting stateside shipping, give me a day or so to find out the actual shipping costs. Also, i can disassemble the stick portion on this case and ship it inside the box to compact it more.
let me know guys!
also the box is dirty in those pics… lol sorry!


Oh man Is aw this stick in real life at the g3 tourney its pretty dope I might be interested you wanna trade? (im canada local pickup) Pm me.


Good luck on your sale Tom.


what you got in mind?


Thanks brett!


im looking to trade my MAS for a sanwa if youre interested.


Also just to make sure i understand your wording - the stick DOES have a pcb already wired in it, correct?




PM Sent.