FS: Gamecube, PS2, X-Box games and a Magic Box X-box converter

Spring cleaning for old games. Next stop is Ebay, Paypal only. All items are $5 shipping per item. PM with offers to be considered

X-box Magic box converter - $50 - pending

Luigis’s mansion - $8
Resident Evil - $8
Spiderman - $2
Spyhunter - $2

Blood Rayne $2
Shenmue 2 $3
Dead to Rights $2
Sega GT/JSRF $2
Kakuto Chojin $2
Capcom vs SNK2 EO $10

Onimusha 1 $2
Onimusha 2 $2
Timesplitters $2
Twisted Metal Black $5
Frogger: The great Quest $5
Final Fantasy X $15
Crash bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex $10
Fighter maker 2 $15
Grand Therft Auto: Vice City $4

ill take the magic box off your hands lol. can i just give you the $50 next time we play? or do you need the money now

I’m not starving or anything but I’m trying to get it asap. If you can hit me off by friday that’s straight. I was planning on having a gathering on Thursday,

oh then ill come through and bring it if i decide not to get it

Up. Magic box is still available.