FS: GameCube w/Games, Smash, extras

Hello, time for another fire sale.

First, I’m selling a Nintendo Gamecube, 1 controller, 1 59 block memory card, and 3 games- Super Mario Strikers, F-Zero GX, and NBA Live 2003:sweat:
Along with this I am including a GC card reader and a GBA/GC link cable, a game bag, and a handful of cards that include NES games, game and watch games, and some Pokemon dealies that I have no idea about. Looking for 35-40 bucks, or best offer, this includes shipping to USA.

Thanks for looking!





Paypal, PLZ.

pmed about the stick.

Stick sold. Anyone willing to by the gamecube, I’ll throw in a copy of Smash for 10 more bucks.

Can you provide more info about the game and watch games? Are they the actual handheld units from the 80s? Or are they just for the card reader?

Pm sent for the gamecube.



wow, if only i had a TV, i’d have jumped on that cube.