FS: gamecube/wii odds and ends

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Disney Misc. stuff

Disney 2005 Coin Plaque Frame (to celebrate the opening of Hong Kong Disney) -$15

Cast Member Only Graduation and Castle Pins (mickey with a diploma in graduation oufit and the main castle pins) $15

Street Fighter 4 Crimson Viper Figurine,SF4 movie,music collection CD

Street Fighter 4 Udon Hint Book…SOLD!!!

Street fighter 4 xbox 360 game disc…includes all material but there are signs of damage…game does load up and function well but doesnt play when im using xbox live…perhaps a high grade cleaning solution is recommended

Linsky’s Wireless G Router (includes all cordsand set-up disc…no instructional ads)$25

how much for the jet set radio?


how much for the figure, movie and game soundtrack? 10$ seem fair?