FS: Games and Arcade sticks


I’m selling a bunch of stuff. Everything listed will have a price and state the condition. I’ll continue to add some more stuff as I go. Please feel free to PM with questions.I’m open to haggling!

All prices have shipping included! Only shipping within the USA. Extra shipping services will cost extra!

Killer is Dead - (Opened, Very good) - $15
SOLD Tales of Xillia 1 - Collector’s Edition (Unopened) - $70
SOLD Tales of Xillia 2 - Collector’s Edition (Unopened) - $70
Zone of Enders HD Collection (X360 ver.) - $20

Arcade Sticks and Parts! - Arcade sticks are sold as is
Simplecase Enclosure - MAS styled with Sanwa silent joystick/buttons, and Paewang PS3/X360 PCB. (Good condition, some wear on the Plexi) - $160




SOLD Foehammer - PS3/4 modded and fully assembled - $160
SOLD Mad Catz TE2 - PS3/PS4 - Updated Tek Innovations plexi, Paradise Arcade LED panel, Seimitsu buttons and stick. Original Guilty Gear Xrd artwork is underneath. - $200
Qanba/Eightarc Q4 Plexi - $12



What version of PS360+is installed in the TE S?


PM sent.


It’s the current version of the Akishop PS360+


Senran (vita) is in the photo but not in your post. Not available?


Some of the items in the photo album have already been sold.


A few more items have been sold and shipped.


Bump. A few items have added. Pictures will be updated by the end of day.


Pictures are up


Everything sold over the weekend will be shipped on Tuesday. Thanks!




Just got my games in, great seller! Everything came in quick and perfect condition. If you want to buy something don’t hesitate.


Goddamn I would jump on that Simplecase if it had an 8 button layout.


After much debate, I’m really interested now. Is the artwork replaceable on the Simplecase?