FS: Games and random gaming stuffs **price drops**

hello, got some stuff for sale, payment via paypal please. shipping is a flat $5.
willing to trade UMvC (PS3) or kidrobot x sf figures i don’t already have.

Wii Classic Controller Pro (Black) mint condition

Wii component cable (Nintendo brand)

[S]Wii Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (US release) mint condition[/S]

Wii Geometry Wars Galaxies - mint

[S]Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition for 360 - open but mint condition[/S]
BlazBlue Continum Shift for 360 - open but mint condition

GameCube Wavebird and dongle - mint condition

Resident Evil 4 (original release, not GH) for GameCube with GC memory card 59

GameCube Memory Card 251 (nintendo brand)

a pair of Dreamcast VMU’s (white and clear blue) with caps

clear orange limited edition Xbox memory card

GBC Bionic Commando


Wii sold locally
HRAP EX sold (to JP123)
PS2 Neo-Geo game bundle - sold (to bad_boy_brazil)

bump for price drops

14 shipped for those Neo Ps2? (11385 tho )


I’ll take the arcade stick if you’ll ship to Canada. PM me if that is okay.

Can you sell FF vol 1 & 2 for 8 Shipped? If so pm your Pay Pal

Payment sent for HRAP EX

new stuff added and price drop on wii

price lowered

Willing to break the wii bundle? Im only interested in the system+ everything that comes in box and tatsunoko…

i’ll send you a PM

Bump for a Great seller. I just got my stuff and it was neat. Thanks a lot.

price drop

price drop (again)
willing to trade for a SSD drive as well.

bump. someone take this before i have to deal with ebay

updated with sold items, added new stuff

PM sent

Stick received in great condition. Thanks again!

Arcade Edition PM me your PP Please!

pics added