FS: Games, FFVII (Black), HDR Press kit, Panzer Saga, rare stuff+bonuses

Prices include shipping. If you’re buying multiple items I’ll naturally combine shipping.
Prefer Paypal. Thanks for checking my stuff out!

P.S. I’m looking for a Saturn MPEG card – if you have one for sale/trade please contact me.

ALSO: I still have **SB4 shirts **available. I lowered the price a bit for the 2nd run to be $20 per shirt, shipped. PM me and I’ll let you know what sizes I still have.
SF:HDR Press kit. Comes with everything. Headband unopened, stickers unused, etc. $65
Gears of War 2 – $15

WarioWare – $20

Pop’n Music controller (PSX) – $30. 1st version (translucent, not the white one)
Arc the Lad (PSX – just the big box + extras, so no game discs) – $10
Micomsoft XMD-3 (Genesis) – device for a 2nd-gen Genesis/MD or 32x. Outputs S-video and RGB (output cables not included, although comes with box/original manuals) – $50 (I paid $80 :stuck_out_tongue: these are pretty rare)

**FFVII (Black Label) **-- $35. Discs are NOT mint, they do have wear from being stored in a CD wallet (though rarely taken out) over the years. Pics upon request. They boot fine – although I haven’t played through the entire thing since 1998.

Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel (PSP) – $15

I have a Sixaxis pad that’s possibly semi-broken if someone wants the PCB. PM me if interested and I’ll give you the report on it.

Imports I shouldn’t have bought in Japan:
Street Fighter EX3 – $12
CvS1 (DC) – $7
GuitarFreaks V1 (Playstation 2) – $20

SF:AE Ryu pad (minor cosmetic damage, comes with box) – $12
SF:AE Ken pad (comes with box) – $12
I just kept these because of the awesome boxes, but I have enough other SF memorabilia that I should get rid of them.

Rare RPGs:
Panzer Dragoon Saga – $130

The following are just carts, no boxes:

Lot of NES games (Ghosts 'n Goblins, Golgo 13, Dragon Warrior, Maniac Mansion, Fester’s Quest) – $13

Dragon Quest II (Famicom) – $8

Beyond Oasis (Genesis) – $7
Star Control (Genesis) – $7
Phantasy Star 1 (SMS) – $7

Final Fantasy II (SNES) – $15
Donkey Kong Country (SNES) – $8

WWF Superstars – $25
Double Dribble – $15
Double Dragon – $60
Captain America – $65 (had custom harness wired for 3P/4P, so these pins have leftover solder and are crooked right now. They aren’t broken or anything though.)
TMNT in Time – $90 (has custom 3P/4P harness wired)
Some shit vertical shooter – $10 (the cost of shipping)


  • = someone has expressed an interest, but isn’t 100% confirmed sold yet. Let me know if you’re interested and I can give you the update on it!

You can throw that TvC import with my shirts :smiley:

Do you mind holding onto the hadouken t-shirt until tomorrow?’

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I’d like to get that blazblue and tekken from you. I can come pick it up to save us both the cost/hassle of shipping.

Sorry guys, my inbox is still packed back from SB4 and I had no idea it was that close … I miss the “You are 99% full” blurb by your inbox from old SRK.

I’ll clean it out + respond to everyone in the order I got your messages. Thanks! Dios – sure, I’ll get pics for you man. Are you looking for the condition of the discs or just to confirm everything is included?

Like I said, I can post pics of whatever people need. If you’re buying multiple items, I’ll give you a shipping quote before I ask for payment.

left you a visitor message sir :slight_smile:

taking any trades for that MGS4, 3s, MvC2 and Lunar games for PS1? I have some fight sticks up for trade if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

I have so many sticks and parts it’s embarrassing right now, so no trades on sticks, sorry man :wink:

Well actually, if anyone has any extra IL Competition sticks let me know, I’d be interested in a couple (IL 8-way Eurostick

Double post wtf. I think I replied to everyone so far and I cleaned my inbox. Thanks! Get back to me when you can.

ALSO: I have two Saturn pads I don’t need – one is wired (with project box) for 360, the other for PSX. If you’d like one I’ll post a price. NOT saying “make me an offer”, not trying to break rules, just post up if you’d like pictures and a price on them. Sorry Josie (SRK: Poon) :wink: I appreciate your handywork but these are duplicates I should sell now. If you know his work as a stick/pad maker he does a fantastic job.

ALSO: I still have SB4 shirts available. I believe I priced the 2nd run at $22 per shirt. PM me and I’ll let you know what sizes I still have. Thanks!

got any pics of the current condition of the ps3 SF4 game and the Pop’n Music controller?

SFIV might be spoken for – but if he doesn’t get back to me in a day or two or turns it down, I’ll let you know, Chouji.

I can gladly take pics of the Pop’n for you. It’s previous owner was a huge Bemani freak, and I only used it maybe 4 times, so it’s in really great shape. Hope you’ll be interested. I bought it for $40 – I’ll really just trying to clean house :wink:

Did you buy the game new when it came out? I just checking everything that was packaged with the LE is what im buying, plus the stuff is in good condition. Im a collector thats why, just seeing if everythings cool.

But if you do have everything that came with the LE, sure ill pick that up off you. Just curious and wanted to see pics of the product is all <3

Does the MGS4 Limited come with everything it had retail? What’s the condition?

Yeah, I bought MGS4 LE myself, midnight launch. I’ll put it up some pics tonight. I’d call it everything near mint. If I notice any small wear on the box, I’ll snap a shot of it, but it’s just been chilling on my shelf since 2008. I’m pretty sure this is everything you can possibly have from pre-ordering it from Gameslop.

I’ll be taking dat MGS4 then. Could you PM me paypal specifics?

^ are you completely like, ignoring the posts ive been making?