FS: Games, FFVII (Black), HDR Press kit, Panzer Saga, rare stuff+bonuses

Relax, I just read the first post and inquired if it was still available. It appeared that Ghaleon replied to my post.

Yeah stud, if Dios passes on it, I’ll offer it to you.

you still have blazblue? that is the hard to find Limited edition with all 3 discs and manual right?? if so im highly interested!!!

Dang, i just saw comrade’s post. if he passes, i might be willing to get it.

EDIT: NVM, just found a hrap3 stick for 50 bucks online.

you know what, if COMRADE does pass then ill take it. 27 is actually a good price to give up on!!!

rapturedj: comrade did drop out, but I had someone ask about BB yesterday in a PM, so if he passes I’ll get at you next :wink:

MGS4 pics: #1 #2
Pop’n Controller: #1 #2

Sorry these pics are so dark – my cell’s phone is not great. I’m surprised they came out this dark :frowning: If you guys want better ones, let me know and I’ll get them up

If anyone expressed in T6, that’s back to being unclaimed.

Looks great to me. If you send me your paypal info via PM, ill send 35$ your way and my shipping address :).

Also i see lunar on the left of that pic. Wish i had extra money to buy your lunar stuff too :(.

Newest PMs answered.

I was hoping the SF Press Kit would be snatched up. If anyone thinks that isn’t a fair price or something but is interested, PM me

ok. please let me know. its all in good condition right??

Curious on what X-Men comics you have. Is the Age of Apocalypse the singles or the bundle thing? If you don’t want to sort through ALL of them can you just tell me what Magneto based comics you have(Mutant Genesis,Fatal Attractions,Planet X,Divded We Stand,Magneto War/Rex/Testament, Dark Sed) also Messiah Complex. Thanks!

What the actual size of that pop n music controller? I might get this for my cousin cause he loves this game and SF4 for me ^^;…also, any pics of the condition of the game itself?

I think SFIV is spoken for, for now – I’ll let you know if that falls through man. The Pop’n Controller is the standard home ver controller, there aren’t size variations between the 1st and 2nd model of them.

I have to check this weekend for a guy who PM’d me first on the comics, but I think I just have a few graphic novels. Yeah, the Age of Apocalypse aren’t the original issues, there’s the graphic novel volumes. I know I have the “X-men the movie” Magneto prequel comic. But yeah, I have to check and see what else I have. I don’t have a ton really – I think I also have a couple softcover Marvel Masterworks: X-men books as well, at least two of them.

pmd about tekken

gotta empty ur box again bro :slight_smile:

Crap, sorry – I wish this thing would tell me when my box was full like the old days. Please hit me up again

Also adding:

Pocket Fighter (import) for Saturn – $7
Street Fighter Collection for Saturn – $5 (ST + SFA2Gold)

I was rooting around the basement tonight, but I didn’t brave my comic collection yet. I know I have a few Rival Schools and Street Fighter issues, and I have a LOT of comics that came with Marvel Legends figures (I have a ton of the figures to sell as well if anyone wants to buy a few or a lot. I can list all I have is someone is interested. They’re all in great shape, just don’t need em anymore)

Updated 1st post with stuff sold, lowered prices on DC games and some other stuff. Thanks to the buyers so far!

pm’ed about marvel and 3s !


Adding FFVII (black label). It’s not in mint – the discs could use a cleaning. $35 shipped domestically. If you’d like more details, please ask before buying!

hey bro, i want that Soul Caliber 1 for DC too. :slight_smile:

OK, it’s yours too! Either 3/20 or 4/3 weekends I’m gonna try to be in C-bus again