FS:Games,sticks,consoles and more (D-Pad lan center)

Hi my name is Tony and I run a Lan-Center/Retail shop in New Braunfels, Texas. We buy, sell, and trade used games, but we specialize in vintage games(nes,snes,sega,N64),we also do current stuff too. As far as the Lan-Center goes we have 22 TVs(8 flat panel 23" HD, the rest not) with xbox 360s, ps3s, and Wii s connected to them. We keep up with current titles so people can play them at the store and we try to have as many tournaments as we can. ( We also have a 3s arcade here to play.) I am going to get a good list going of what we got to sell (we have around 2 or 3 thousand old and current titles, and some arcade sticks)and we also have some arcades for sale too. I would post the link now but I’m kinda new at this so hopefully it will be up with prices by the end of the day or tomorrow morning.

Game Inventory (pm me if item doesnt have a price)




sounds awesome, will be checking the thread, and good luck with the bussiness.

Dont worry guys you can trust him, I used to help out at their lan center, tony just doesnt know his way around srk, but im gonna be helping him out.

Heres the d-pads myspace and website


I think the first thing you guys want that they have up for grabs is a hori tekken stick $80 shipped (if tony sees this he’ll post some pics…if not ill have them up tomorrow)

pm me or him if you guys need anything, thanks again guys.

Here are some pics.

Sorry I suck at taking pics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump $75 shipped for the tekken stick

the d-pad got some goodies in today guys!!! (remember we still have much more in our inventory)

Plasma sword $20 shipped


The Last blade 2 $40 shipped


Power stone $20 shipped


Project Justice $60 shipped


JoJo’s Bizarre adventure $40 shipped


Time crisis 3 (with gun) $50 shipped


MvC2 playstation2 $95shipped


We have 3 dreamcast up for sale $55 shipped (with 1control and set of cables)


i cant seem to open the link to your games inventory. it tries to open a .php and doesnt work.

well sorry guys plz let me know if the link is not working for more than one person ill try re-host it. Im sure the reason i can read it is because i have a program called “dopdf”.

Are the dcs up for grabs?

yes they are and sorry if i havent fix the link, im running a halo 3 tournament right now. I will try and have it done by the end of the night.

I second this question.

Yes they are $55 shipped

ok, I’ll take one.

I have quite a list of games I’d like to purchase from you. But I need some info first.

Edit: Email sent. :china:

hey guys sorry its been a while i need to get the inventory up to date. My business partner is not so sure about selling our stuff online. Give me a while and ill get back to you guys.